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Australia was built with colonial convict labour when they were shipped out by the British during white settlement in 1788 and beyond.

Convict records indicates that men and women were transported to New South Wales for a wide variety of offences. Most of the transportees were town thieves, mainly pick-pockets and shoplifters, and among their number were many young people.

While the vast majority of the convicts to Australia were English and Welsh (70%), Irish (24%) or Scottish (5%), the convict population had a multicultural flavour. Some convicts had been sent from various British outposts such as India and Canada. There were also Maoris from New Zealand, Chinese from Hong Kong and slaves from the Caribbean

Between 1788 and 1868, 165,000 convicts were transported to Australia. Transportation in New South Wales officially ceased in 1840, although there was a short-lived revival in 1849.

Upon arrival in Australia they did wonderful work in Australia's future development.

They were the builders of this colony Australia.

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Convict discipline was harsh and often arbitrary.

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