In 2003 I was invited to attend a women’s domestic violence forum on the Central Coast of New South Wales when a lady spoke up and said; “our ANZAC’s would turn over in their graves if they only knew what is happening on Australian soil today” …..Little did she know how much of an impact that statement had made on my life? She was referring to the pioneers of our ANZAC heritage and I must acknowledge her concern for the lives that were lost during the great Wars.

A complete political stuff up as the political leaders of that time were seen to be using our ANZAC men as human fodder. Years down the track spending tax payer’s money building memorials, sensationalizing their guilt, not accepting responsibility for their political injustice…..join me and “HAKA FOR JUSTICE”

My reflection on that political stupidity during the great Wars has continued with the political negatives that took place during the Vietnam War and our service in that toxic environment. The downside to the Vietnam war was the political conspiracy and criminal act that had taken place  between the Australian, New Zealand and American Governments with their;

  • supply on demand of toxic chemicals agent orange with dioxin poison and their,
  • sending  innocent, dedicated ANZAC military and civilian citizens in to work in that toxic Vietnamese environment  without duty of care…..that was a low criminal act

I contacted Workcover New South Wales asking the question; if an employer sprays the workplace with a toxic chemical what would be the outcome….their response was; “the employer would be fined or jailed.

On Saturday, 26th January 2008 I sent an email to Srimathi Mathavan, Information center Manager, Local Government New Zealand asking similar questions…. she advised me; The source of reference for your query will be with the Department of Labour in New Zealand.

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