After seeing the DVD “Let us spray” I am proud to be an honest New Zealand – Australian dual citizen, and Vietnam War veteran, because this gives me the edge to lead this campaign to prosecute. I believe the Political and Corporate chemical damage done to babies, families, parents, Vietnam veterans and their children’s human health is nothing more than negligent homicide…its bloody political murder.

I have written to Helen Clark stating I am prepared to prosecute the New Zealand Government on their direct involvement on this Agent Orange issue. Her private secretary has replied stating they have received my letter. Rick Barker, New Zealand Minister for Veterans Affairs secretary has sent me a letter stating they have received my letter from the Prime Minister of New Zealand. 

I also believe those other people who were paid by New Zealand tax payers, and had supplied information that was discredited by Vietnam veteran’s, and eventually by the New Zealand Government should be prosecuted for misrepresentation, by cover up, perverting the course of Justice, and failing to report a political crime had been committed.

I believe the New Zealand and Australian Government’s are guilty of the most serious political crime ever committed against their own ANZAC military and civilian citizens who had served diligently in the Vietnam War.

I also believe the New Zealand Government failed to humanely support its civilian population poisoned by dioxin sprays.  This is a matter for the International court.

If your answer is “yes” please make a financial contribution to “Sponsor my Voice” on the agent orange issue and help the victims of the worst political stuff up to our ANZAC’s since the great World Wars.


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