A Message from the Patron
As a Vietnam War veteran and cultural crime prevention educator I am honoured to be chosen to represent the project "CrimeHurts".
Over the past years I have considered many options that can help with the peaceful integration of people within communities and over the next few months we will see some of these options implemented starting on Australian soil with a World Crime Hurts activity with its success placed into the Guinness Book of Records.

Many people have done wonderful work locally and internationally with various events to help disadvantaged people.

As a Vietnam War veteran I say it is unfortunate the Australian, New Zealand and American Governments failed their dedicated citizens including citizens of that beautiful Vietnam country by supplying toxic chemicals into the work place and life environment during the Vietnam War. These Governments also supplied without respect for human life by supplying their danger products into civilian communities in New Zealand, Australia, and other World countries in the name of corporate income

....I encourage you to purchase the documentary DVD "Let us spray". Such political and corporate mismanagement has placed thousands of innocent lives in health danger, and those that cover up these atrocities in the name of democracy must be brought to justice.

I have initiated many prevention projects for the betterment of families and community to name a few

Ride against crime, Walk against crime, Walk for women, Child safe, Say no to racists and ignorance....many community and political leaders who care join these activities for the awareness and exposure of good from evil.

We must "stop killing humans" Now! I am happy to give a humane presentation with entertainment to any groups.

Just talk to me and I can help with the presentation concept. 
All Worldwide donations can be deposited by internet banking.

Please be proactive and proud to be alive as a human being and a child of God. Give future generations the chance to enjoy this God created planet

....Most Sincerely, Clarence Pita Ormsby JP NSW, World Patron for Crime Hurts

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