“Crime Hurts Kids expo” project

The "Pink and Blue" tribute is in MEMORY OF Sian Kingi and other children abducted and violated. It is dedicated to all children who have lost their lives as a result of a selfish act of crime.

When children are born the most loved colors parents choose for their anticipated child birth is either "Pink or Blue" Grandparents, aunties, uncles and other siblings are also included in this much loved family anticipation. The love and pride of this family unit is then shattered when their child is abused, bullied, maimed, or murdered while still in their innocent years of childhood.

Acquired skills
There are many educational concepts that help with children’s awareness of stranger danger. This fashion tribute is an educational project that gives children the opportunity to learn;

  • Self discipline skills towards fashion and employment opportunities.
  • Raising self esteem in children and;
  •  Learning an important facet of life living skills training
  • Kids will have an opportunity to work with family, local business, international business, and at the same time we are sharing the language of a non threatening program under the name “AUSSIEWOOD
  • It appears today some young folk love to live on the edge. What does this mean?

It is our belief this concept can be used in Pre-schools, Primary and High schools, TAFE and Universities, and implemented on a National or International basis;

The Team
Male and Female students can register their interest for this program as we will need a team effort for its success;

  • A student manager, with a qualified senior aged, male or female, retired responsible to oversee the overall running of the program
  • 4 student administrators....are to support the manager and to be the runners. They must also learn the role for future Manager positions
  • 6 – 10  Models....are selected  via a selection process and must have the ability to communicate with each other, business network, and the general public 
  • Two student music managers....must be persons who have good sound system and musical ability and have the knowledge of selecting suitable music for the fashion show....beginning to the end. Such students must also have the ability to listen to advice offered by Team Management and other team members.
  • Parents are to be invited to be part of the team but must not to be overpowering towards children’s creative instincts
  • The Team must feel confident towards inviting local fashion clothing stores, hairdressers, and other appropriate business sponsorships to make this concept their success
  • Appropriate crime prevention expo signage must be placed accordingly at the entry to the venue and on stage but not to detract from the fashion show.


The "Pink & Blue" fashion tribute is not only an educational program, it’s a fundraising activity towards "Agent Orange Fund" St George Bank, BSB 112 879 Acc No: 455 579 442 to help families and kids affected by anti social behavior and toxic poisons.

Since the end of the Vietnam War it is stated over 200,000 children have been affected by agent orange toxic sprays through various illnesses, trauma, and deformities. The "Crime Hurts Kids" statement was made by 7 year old Australian, Brittaney Yarnold after the 9/11 tragedy in New York. As Senior citizens we have a responsibility to design community crime prevention initiatives to help our children reach and enjoy a safer lifestyle on ANZAC soil. Some years ago I was invited to attend a women’s domestic violence forum when a lady spoke up and said; “our ANZACs would turn over in their graves if they knew what is happening in Australia today”

Apathy vs Proactive
Do we get involved as a community or do we join the ranks on the apathy roundabout? My concern at this moment is a young mother’s plea for help as her child is being bullied at school. (Article: letter to the editor, Bowen Independent, Wednesday May 28th 2008) being the continuation of such anti social behavior.

I thank you for your consideration and participation in this valued “Crime Hurts Kids expo” project.
Clarence P Ormsby JP NSW, Vietnam War veteran
Cultural crime prevention educator
World Patron for Crime Hurts

P.O.Box 7072, Mannering Park NSW 2259 Australia
Email:   mobile: 0447448637


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