To Survive on Death Row

Seeing is believing when the planes flew overhead
Dropping its load of soft rain they called Agent Orange
My mates and I were standing as it fell to the ground
Now my mates are no longer standing but laying beneath

The stench was so strong I can still smell it today
I tell my wife, don't use hair spray in confined spaces
Over 200,000 children sadly affected, no smile on faces
Government and Corporate money where - I can't earn

I have been a welfare officer for 30 odd years you know
Mates have told me; Clarence mate, I am going to die
I have cried in my guts, with so much pain - no one knows
Family, and mates have died, while my life on Death Row still goes

Closure they say, that’s what they want for us who served
We will give your committee an ultimatum, 30 million ok
Thanks for the guilt trip you have placed on dedicated citizens
Who is going to give honest education to my kids - when I am dead

(c) Clarence Pita Ormsby JP NSW NZ Vietnam veteran 7th January 2008