My Brothers in Arms

In memory of all soldiers of the Vietnam Conflict who in faithful service fell and those who returned only to be consumed by the dark legacy of war.

We fought in the jungles of South Vietnam

we were there with the ANZACs to free up the land

But what hurt us so bad others don't understand

We answered the call from our Brothers in Arms


There were fields of destruction baptisms of fire

we had to leave our mates lying in the dust and quagmire

And when the fighting had ended we cried

for where they lay they had died

We held and we wept for our Brothers in Arms


We saw so many things but death was all around

the stench was in the air and oozing from the ground


When the war turned against us the protests raged on

their stings we could feel them even when we got home

So we hid in our darkness alone beyond the within

and saw our souls fighting our Bothers in Arms


Now the jungles are silent and the protests have stopped

but our hearts are still heavy for those we have lost

And the memories we have of them lay in gardens of stone

and the night claims our souls for our Brothers in Arms

RW Hamon
2 Sec, 2Pl, Whiskey Two
4 & 6 RAR ANZAC Bn
Vietnam 1968 - 69

© Richard William Hamon