Distortion of truth


We served with many others to fight for World freedom
Some lasted a short period in years and went crazy in the head
From being the fittest we could ever become – in this life
We laid our lives’ on the line for democracy – where’s its wisdom

Many others we thought who were better than the next
Finally came out of the closet with illnesses – we all do have
Some died; others gave birth to a child sadly deformed
Where can we go for a justice – not yet set aside?

Hell its cold outside when mates turn their backs
Because Governments give money to corrupt their minds
30 million dollars ok for a start with no goal posts will move

Who are the criminals described in this scenario of life
Is it the New Zealand and Australian Governments Today?
Who corrupt insecurities in the sick & weak to protect their guilt?
Deliver patriotism with honesty, integrity, in the minds of children we                                                             Say 

26 January 2008 © Clarence Pita Ormsby JP NSW