A crime is an act that hurts kids just like me
Crimes committed – will hurt the whole family
You may think – you are doing just fine
You will get caught – and you’ll do the time
Us kids, we do suffer – when grownups do wrong
We cry like the rest – as we shed all our tears
We carry the pain into our adult growing years
Help us to grow up – without those painful fears

Please listen carefully – to my childhood plea
Make this proud country safe, for you and me
Trust your neighbour – as you would trust in yourself
Don’t live your life sitting – on that dusty old shelf

Kids just like me – we are special we say
All we want to do – is to have a good happy day
Remember me when you grow older – I dare say
Remember, Crime Hurts us Kids – we do say .

© C Ormsby 2000

Ngati Kahu

caughtdo the time