It was on this beautiful evening of N T’s dry season we did meet
It was 40 years ago we were written in the history books of time
Australians and New Zealanders were in this battle plan together
With skill, guts and determination they won it through that day

Young people conducted and participated on this our very special day
They weren’t even born when we fought and won the Battle of Long Tan
Battle of Coral, the Tet of offensive, Balmoral and others
We say thank you young ones – you surely did us proud

The honour guard did their bit with precision, skill and pride
It brought tears to my eyes when I did that- when a mate had died
Veterans, family, friends, politicians, police, kids, grandma’s all laid a wreath
The NT Nasho’s stood out with their orange shirts so proud

The pilots and their choppers came down low on this Remembrance Day
As a mate clasped his ears and screamed, from memories gone by
We gathered to help him as we did our mates – in those years gone past
It’s a kinship that has been instilled into our lives – that, will always last

Choppers they carried the dead, the wounded, and the supplies we needed
They were shot at from jungle unknown, and some brought down forever
We lost some pilots, missing in action, and lost from sight and family for ever
As we listen for these birds from heaven – our pilots will never be forgotten

The bugler stood with the honour guard in his white uniform so neat
When the ode was conducted and responded to – the corporal called the time
The padre said his Godly thing as the spirit of our mates fly up high
We bowed our heads in remembrance, some cried softly, as tears unfolded

Ted Warren a country bloke I’d say, a dinky di, true blue pollie bloke
Not like those gone by with lies, cheating and deceit in their blimen hearts
Knowing we were affected with Agent Orange floating down from the sky
We’ll teach them to be ethical, honest, true blue and dinky di

The Northern Territory Chief Minister did invite us back into Parliament House
Its where Merv from A coy, 6RAR did place, the Long Tan cross in my palm
Wear it with pride mate, he did say – as we parted for the night
I say thank you Australia, on this our special day – it was a sure delight

Clarence P Ormsby JP New Zealand Vietnam veteran
Northern Territory Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day
Friday, 18th August 2006
Ngati Kahu

18th August 2006 © Clarence P Ormsby JP New Zealand Vietnam veteran

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