Political Poison

Agent Orange - Herbicide Exposure kills and is an extremely toxic chemical and a poison to humans.

During 1962 - 1972 of the Vietnam War thousands of military Servicemen and women, and civilian citizens including children were poisoned with the supply on demand of Agent Orange Dioxin poisoning. Some 30 years later, many Vietnam veterans, and Vietnamese families are still suffering from the effects of chemicals used in the Vietnam War. The Australian, New Zealand, American Governments and the chemical companies were the political perpetrators. They acted against the Geneva Convention.

The following are statements from victims

I nursed my soldier husband as he lay dying in my arms

My husband was in so much pain he just wanted to end it all....thanks to Agent Orange you did your job well

Agent Orange didn’t kill me as quick as my mates....I am on death row ready to tell my story

Many Vietnam veterans have terrible respiratory problems - they need oxygen bottles to carry around

I lost my family, business, integrity and my self esteem


More than one million people suffer from serious diseases, including different types of cancer and disabilities, as a result of defoliants and herbicides, and in particular AGENT ORANGE, which contained large amounts of dioxin.

Third generation victims are suffering from malformations and severe defects of the immune and the nervous system. According to the latest estimates, there have been five million dioxin death-related deaths to date.

In addition, there are more than one million victims afflicted by various handicaps, including some 200,000 children. Australian and New Zealand children of Vietnam veterans are known to have been sadly affected.


To the right: A Vietnamese girl with no arms reads using her feet to hold a book at the Peace Village in Tu Du hospital February 3, 2004. The hospital's chef de service Doctor Ng Thi Phuong Tan suspects many of the children are deformed in the womb due to exposure to Agent Orange. Two-thirds of the children at the Peace Village are from areas that were heavily sprayed by the highly toxic defoilant during the Viet Nam War. 

children of AO

To the left: Two boys's eyes open wide in at the Peace Village at Tu Du hospital in Ho Chi Minh City February 3, 2004.v


To the right: Ga (left) is suffering from pigment abnormal. She is a second generation.



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The Agent Orange Settlement Fund
In 1984 180 million dollars was paid out to American Vietnam Veterans in an out of court settlement.

Agent Orange Lawsuit - Vietnamese
The Vietnamese victim’s case was dismissed by a Federal district court in New York on March 10th, 2005.

When will the US accept its responsibilty
On March 10, 2005, Judge Jack B. Weinstein of the US Federal Court in Brooklyn, New York, dismissed a lawsuit filed on behalf of millions of Vietnamese affected by the defoliant Agent Orange (AO) used by the US during the Vietnam War.

Clollectif Vietnam Dioxine
The victims are appealing the decision.  Talk to them and support them in their appeal.
Dioxin Facts

Dirty Dozen

Dioxin is one of 12 persistent organic pollutants (POPs), known as the "dirty dozen”, which have been targeted for elimination under an international toxics treaty called the Stockholm Convention. Dioxin is one of the most lethal synthetic chemicals known!.

What is Dioxin
Dioxins and furans are some of the most toxic chemicals known to science.

Dioxin & Your Health
Dioxin and the impacts to Human Health.
More... & More...

Agent Orange Fact Sheet
The following information was compiled in 1979.  It was designed to bring an awareness of AGENT ORANGE and related herbicides.

Genetic Damge
PDF file with the Genetic Damage In New Zealand Vietnam War Veterans Participants Report.

Here is the list of chemicals used in South Vietnam in the War.

Operation Ranch Hand
The term Operation Ranch Hand was the military code name for the spraying of herbicides from U.S. Air Force aircraft in Southeast Asia from 1962 through 1971."